Friday, November 14, 2008

.59c released!

.59c - a "release candidate" has been uploaded to the main site.

Download it here:

.59cFixFixed blank activation password from lite.asp.2008-11-10
.59cAddition/ChangeWhen saving settings or using the besuseradminclient page (lite.asp actions), the page will refresh and return to the previous page.2008-11-10
.59cFixMasked password on lite.asp wasn't working quite right for local roles (not domain logons)2008-11-10
.59cAddition/ChangeBerryStats will now log besuseradmin client functions, logoff/logon, some errors and report access to the application event log.2008-11-11

Monday, October 13, 2008

Some issues with .58 - Changing flash charts in .59

I've had some reports that .58 is causing some strange issues with the index page not rendering, and perhaps even an out of memory error or two (it happened on my Vista station at work, but not XP...wha?).

I think it has been isolated to the AMCharts implementation in BerryStats, but I can't be sure. If it is, it is probably because I don't know enough about it to implement it properly.

In any case, I'm dropping it in lieue of Fusion Charts Free - which works out better in terms of licensing, etc.

Fusion Charts free produces some flash based charts that rivals AMCharts in appearance and load times, so it was only a natural selection.

In addition to changing the flash chart provider, I am modifying a few of the charts on the main page - I will make an inclusion for 'top 5 pending carriers' which is a chart showing the top 5 carriers that have pending messages on your devices.

Also, I will include top 5 pending users...

If you have any ideas of other useful charts. Let me know!

At some point, I will be including charts into some of the queries on the custom reporting page.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

.58 released

.58Addition/ChangeAdded new role "showsqlqueries". When enabled, the SQL query will report at the bottom of the sql.asp page.2008-09-11
.58Addition/ChangePie chart on main page showing users-to-server count.2008-09-11
.58Addition/ChangeNew bar chart on main page will show top 5 users by sent messages.2008-09-11
.58FixFixed self-service page so that if a user does not have a BlackBerry, 'Add my BlackBerry' drop-down menu item will appear correctly - (this only occured if a user did not fall into any other role)2008-09-12
.58Addition/ChangeAdded 'disable/enable' self-service option.2008-09-15
.58Addition/ChangeAdded a session.timeout value of 60 minutes within global.asp - will make this user-customizable later.2008-09-15
.58FixRemoved sortable.js references from lite.asp2008-09-18
.58Addition/ChangeAdded image for 9000 series phone (Bold)2008-09-18
.58Addition/ChangeAdded option to delete reports from sql.asp page for admins only.2008-09-19
.58FixModified ad search lookup so it will search for *criteria* (with wildcards), making it easier to search for first and last names.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

.57 released

New additions include:

57Addition/ChangeNow administrator role can tweak the add user page, hiding/showing BESServer and ITPolicy drop downs from self service users who have the 'add user' function applied to them. Also, Admins can preselect what default server and IT policy will be applied to self-service users.2008-08-28
.57FixFixed some issues with 'My BlackBerry' page, where it would automatically redirect to index.asp.2008-08-28
.57Addition/ChangeAdded a new function to sql.asp page which allows you to run a query from an inputbox on the page.2008-08-28
.57Addition/ChangeAdded checkbox on sql.asp which will allow you to select if you wish to output sql results to a single table or to multiple 'pages' within a table.2008-08-28
.57Addition/ChangeAdded 'enable redirection' and 'disable redirection' to user details and roles page2008-09-02
.57Addition/ChangeAdded export function to sql.asp custom reporting page2008-09-02
.57FixDid some work with roles, i.e. checking them in global.asp, so they are available in all pages. Fixed how some pages were improperly redirecting2008-09-02
.57Addition/ChangeMade separate views for 4.0.x vs. 4.1.x2008-09-02
.57Addition/ChangeAdded 'message stats for all users' report.2008-09-02
.57FixModified besuseradminclient.asp page so that the page expires immediately (so if you hit the 'back' button after submitting a useradminclient command, you will be prompted to cancel submission of the form data).2008-09-02

Download via the link at the right!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

.55 out now, new feature: Selectively enable/disable BESUserAdminClient functions for BerryStats roles...

.55 is out, and the big addition is the new ability to select/deselect BESUserAdminClient functions for your roles.

This means if you only want to grant your helpdesk the ability to reset device passwords and Activation passwords (for example), then you can do so.  You can be as granular as you wish, making it easy to keep people from doing the wrong things in BerryStats!

What you don't see yet but is on my test bed is 'Self Service' additional role that allows your users to log in with their AD credentials and perform approved useradminclient functions on their own device (screenshots coming)!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New reports in version .54!

You can now create your own custom reports and make them available in BerryStats, version .54.

I will be working to make it possible to lock these down to unauthorized users, but if you don't have to worry about that, then give .54 a try!

Friday, August 15, 2008

New query page coming soon...

Right now, the queries are pretty limited (only a few to select from), but I am working out a new way of doing this - my intent is to have XML-based reports definitions that allow you to save and run any type of query that you like.

Not only that, but you should be able to trade queries with other users and completely customize your reports within BerryStats.

The page will have a way to define your own SQL query, and also grant you the ability to save and name a query that works for you. Also, I will add a feature to email the results to a SMTP recipient.

Should prove to be fun at the very least...

.53 released

This change should take BerryStats out of beta...

See the changelog on the new BerryStats site... (be sure to sort the version column 'Z-A')


Thursday, August 14, 2008

New home for BerryStats!

I am moving my main page for BerryStats from to Google Sites. They have a really cool interface and dynamic way of creating various pages which seems to fit my needs quite well, allowing you to see more of the guts of the project as it progresses, including a more dynamic changelog, feature & enhancement list, and more!

Check it out here:

This is where you will find the latest downloads from now on - I will update the link at the right accordingly!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

0.52 uploaded: Setup.asp page + some updates!

.52 beta 8/13/08 newness:

  • Modified backend XML save/load function, should now update only the elements that changed, rather than delete/saving the file altogether.
  • Created 'setup.asp' page for first time installs, no more manual editing of configuration.xml!
  • Updated/fixed Domino view to include username and groupname - you must apply this new view!
  • Updated Exchange view to include username and groupname - you must apply this new view!
  • Updated lite.asp so that it would run the besuseradmin client with Domino username (if username was present). Need people to test this!

.52 beta fixes:

  • When exporting a spreadsheet to Excel, it opens up as an .asp file instead of .xls - this is because the downloaded file was not being declared as an XLS mime-type
  • menu drop down for licenses would show 1 more license than server status page
  • BB Browser will now redirect to index.asp after a successful logon
  • BlackBerry 8700g was showing no image - this is due to BES or BlackBerry reporting back as only 8700, new image created for 8700_small.jpg
  • Mail server was showing up as 'Exchange' server, now is 'Mail' server
  • Tuesday, August 12, 2008

    Self Service?

    I'm thinking of also including a self-service page for BlackBerry users so they can reset their own activation password (they can set everything else on the device easily enough, I think).

    What do you think?

    I realize that there is a Web Desktop Manager that RIM is offering, but this requires ActiveX installations on each client that runs it. I figured this would be a bit lighter.

    What other functions do you think should be included on a "Self Service" page?

    Friday, August 8, 2008

    .51beta released!

    • Added ‘Export’ function back into ‘BerryStats Classic’ page (under Reporting).
    • Modified layout & look of BerryStats Classic (removed iFrame in lieue of DIV)
    • Fixed some formatting issues with potentially null values on lite and advanced-query page.
    • Added ‘helpdesk’ and ‘reporting’ localized user accounts
    • Added some error handling in the logon page
    Check the download link at the right to get it!

    Thursday, August 7, 2008

    Issue: LDAP authentication needs a little work...

    Not to worry, you should be able to disable LDAP authentication in the meantime if this isn’t working for you.


    If you are experiencing problems with LDAP and can’t get logged in, enable ‘debug’ in the admin window.  When you try to log in, you should see an LDAP error like this:


    Error code: -2147217865

    Error description: Table does not exist.


    It appears that I need to add the ability to specify a user account to use when querying the AD structure for proper group membership.  I was wondering if this would come up…


    I’m working on the code today and tomorrow and hope to have something for you by Tuesday.

    Glitch with 0.5 download on 8/6/08: error in config.asp: strAuth

    I neglected to include the newest version of the configuration.xml file which included an 'Authentication' node, which causes the above error.

    I've since updated the zip download and included the file as an attachment in the main download post as well.

    Thanks to Jeremy Knight for finding that for me!

    Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    BerryStats 0.5beta ready to go!

    Check the link at the right for the download.

    The list of updates/changes:

    • LDAP authentication for admin/helpdesk users. Also, there is a localized ‘root’ access account for admin purposes.
    • Added ‘log out’ functionality
    • Added debug option to admin page so you can see what variables are being passed as you work in BerryStats.
    • Added original BerryStats report back into page as link under ‘Reports’. This will be enhanced a little so that export to XLS or PDF will be an option.
    • Reworked add user page so it can be used via BB Browser.
    • Changed some formatting of the lite.asp page so that it is a bit more legible.
    • Added phone number format function so phone numbers look like…well, actual phone numbers (xxx) xxx-xxxx
    • Changed BB model images to JPG instead of GIF
    • Added new BesUserAdminClient functions: send PIN, send Email, view handheld apps, view handheld modules, assign user to group, assign IT policy to user, resend servicebook, resend peer-to-peer key.

    Tuesday, August 5, 2008

    BerryStats on Confessions of a freeware junkie

    FYI: I posted an entry about BerryStats on my other blog: Confessions of a freeware junkie...take a look... [link] - it presents a nice overview of the features.

    Monday, August 4, 2008

    LDAP authentication is on its way!

    I'm working on the LDAP authentication (which seems to work just fine).

    I will have two user groups (maybe three) that will be set up so they can get in and view/modify users on the BES server.

    I just now need to add the capability to add/modify the settings for the LDAP authentication to the admin.asp page.

    Sunday, August 3, 2008

    Donate link for BerryStats

    For some odd reason, I can't seem to bring in a Paypal donate button into Google sites, so here is a quick donation link for BerryStats - click the image to donate!

    Thursday, July 31, 2008

    Known issues and other notes

    Right now, in the beta, there is a pane on the main window that says "Content here"... this is temporary until I figure out what would be the best thing to put here.

    This site looks absolutely HORRIBLE, (due to CSS issues I'm sure) in Firefox, and it is mostly because I am NOT a web developer. So, I'm sorry...I will try to work on that for you, but I can't promise anything.

    I'm working on some charting and other statistics, but that will take a back seat to:
    • AD authentication
    • AD lookups for new user additions (finding the email address, for example)
    • Reports

    More user page goodness...

    Additional BES User Admin Client options...

    Now you can assign user to a group (page will query existing groups and present them in a drop down chooser) as well as assign an IT policy to a user (pre-populated drop down as well).

    And yes, through the BB interface too! I will try to get some screenshots of the BB browser interface. I am still working on some layout idiosyncrasies when it comes to desktop vs. mobile browser.

    Monday, July 28, 2008

    Run resource kit commands via BlackBerry indterface


    I've made the appropriate changes to the code, which now uses HTML forms to submit resource kit commands through BerryStats.

    That means that you can:
    • add new user
    • delete existing user
    • reset device password
    • set activation password
    • resend servicebook
    • resend peer-to-peer key
    • send PIN
    • send Email
    • view device applications
    • view device modules
    • set owner info
    All through the BlackBerry browser!

    Obviously, this is not a mobile screenshot, but you get an idea of how the new menu system works for Besuseradminclient.

    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Updated admin window

    Note the ability to create a customized activation email. Also, you can see the TinyMCE (like FCKEditor) editor which allows some basic formatting. This comes through in the HTML based email.

    Other notes:
    • XML save feature has been changed drastically
    • Haven't started on LDAP authentication yet
    • Trying to add some more error checking and logging
    Next up:

    I will probably separate out Brent Grim's reporting to a new window rather than try to do everything within the confines of the new windowed-look of Berrystats. There will be a similar search interface, but you won't have 20 columns to contend with when looking at the summary of users that are returned via the search. The search feature will be more focused on returning a user that you will manipulate (and as such, see all of their relevant data anyway) rather than using a full-fledged report just to get at an account.


    I think I will start working on a rudimentary reporting interface in general, which would allow you to bring in saved report criteria in the form of XML files.

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Update: BerryStats is continuing...!

    I have been working on revamping some of the code in BerryStats, and am focusing specifically on giving it the ability to work via the BlackBerry Browser interface. Basically, this involves converting some Javascript to form based executions.

    Next up is making it Firefox compatible. Right now, it looks great in IE, but looks like hell in anything else. Sorry about that - :) The CS3 gods would smite me in a second if they knew what I was up to. Now, I am not a developer by nature, so don't yell at me just yet!

    Finally, I will be working on an authentication method so it will validate to your AD structure or use a local password, etc. This might actually involve creating a secondary database to run alongside of the BlackBerry BesMgmt DB. I've been trying not to go this route to make the web app as light as possible, but it seems that this might be the best solution overall.

    For the meantime, here's a teaser of the new interface:

    Tuesday, April 1, 2008


    Some of you may have been working with BerryStats for the last couple years. It is a web-driven interface which allows some basic reporting and administration for the BlackBerry environment.

    BerryStats, circa 2005

    Originally conceptualized by Brent Grim, BerryStats was a quick and dirty filtered and sortable report which accessed a custom view inserted into the BesMgmt database. This report was extremely useful to get an idea of who hadn't communicated with the server for a period of time, message forwarding stats, network information, etc. - Extremely useful information to have ready for management.

    A few users including myself from decided to enhance BerryStats (and a PHP-based offshoot) by adding more statistics, a cleaner interface, and other additional features.

    BerryStats .31qc_metal edition, circa 2006

    In 2006, I added additional functionality to BerryStats ASP by including an interface for the BesUserAdminClient (allowing user adds and changes from the web) Resource Kit utility, basic service tasks, and pie charts for reporting purposes.

    User information page, .31qc_metal edition

    BerryStats ASP was featured in a presentation at the WES 2007 conference, little to my knowledge -

    Alas, in November of 2006, I was laid off with 9 other IT personnel from my company, and could not develop BerryStats any further since I did not have a server to test with or access.

    I had a short stint at a local manufacturing company here in Rockford, IL from December '06 thru August of '07, but hated it with a passion, so I moved on to a local Orthopedic clinic that month as Network Administrator. Fortunately for me (and a lot of other people!), doctors need phone and email capability on the same device, so I have been lucky to convince one of the docs here to make the switch from Windows Mobile to BlackBerry - with great success.

    So, now I have a reason to use BES again - granted, not in the same capacity that I previously had, but this nonetheless allows me to continue working on BerryStats.

    As a result, I hope to chronicle the development of BerryStats ASP, help anyone out who experiences troubles while using & installing (this seems to be the biggest problem right now) it, and get ideas from others about how we should move forward with the project.

    I will tell you right now, my code is sloppy, but it does seem to work ;) - - if you are a programmer/coder, you are welcome to modify the code and trim it up a bit, that would be much appreciated. You will definitely be credited for your efforts here.