Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update: BerryStats is continuing...!

I have been working on revamping some of the code in BerryStats, and am focusing specifically on giving it the ability to work via the BlackBerry Browser interface. Basically, this involves converting some Javascript to form based executions.

Next up is making it Firefox compatible. Right now, it looks great in IE, but looks like hell in anything else. Sorry about that - :) The CS3 gods would smite me in a second if they knew what I was up to. Now, I am not a developer by nature, so don't yell at me just yet!

Finally, I will be working on an authentication method so it will validate to your AD structure or use a local password, etc. This might actually involve creating a secondary database to run alongside of the BlackBerry BesMgmt DB. I've been trying not to go this route to make the web app as light as possible, but it seems that this might be the best solution overall.

For the meantime, here's a teaser of the new interface:

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Chris said...

Awesome Work looks really good! I'm glad to see that you are keeping busy still :-)