Monday, October 13, 2008

Some issues with .58 - Changing flash charts in .59

I've had some reports that .58 is causing some strange issues with the index page not rendering, and perhaps even an out of memory error or two (it happened on my Vista station at work, but not XP...wha?).

I think it has been isolated to the AMCharts implementation in BerryStats, but I can't be sure. If it is, it is probably because I don't know enough about it to implement it properly.

In any case, I'm dropping it in lieue of Fusion Charts Free - which works out better in terms of licensing, etc.

Fusion Charts free produces some flash based charts that rivals AMCharts in appearance and load times, so it was only a natural selection.

In addition to changing the flash chart provider, I am modifying a few of the charts on the main page - I will make an inclusion for 'top 5 pending carriers' which is a chart showing the top 5 carriers that have pending messages on your devices.

Also, I will include top 5 pending users...

If you have any ideas of other useful charts. Let me know!

At some point, I will be including charts into some of the queries on the custom reporting page.