Friday, November 14, 2008

.59c released!

.59c - a "release candidate" has been uploaded to the main site.

Download it here:

.59cFixFixed blank activation password from lite.asp.2008-11-10
.59cAddition/ChangeWhen saving settings or using the besuseradminclient page (lite.asp actions), the page will refresh and return to the previous page.2008-11-10
.59cFixMasked password on lite.asp wasn't working quite right for local roles (not domain logons)2008-11-10
.59cAddition/ChangeBerryStats will now log besuseradmin client functions, logoff/logon, some errors and report access to the application event log.2008-11-11

Monday, October 13, 2008

Some issues with .58 - Changing flash charts in .59

I've had some reports that .58 is causing some strange issues with the index page not rendering, and perhaps even an out of memory error or two (it happened on my Vista station at work, but not XP...wha?).

I think it has been isolated to the AMCharts implementation in BerryStats, but I can't be sure. If it is, it is probably because I don't know enough about it to implement it properly.

In any case, I'm dropping it in lieue of Fusion Charts Free - which works out better in terms of licensing, etc.

Fusion Charts free produces some flash based charts that rivals AMCharts in appearance and load times, so it was only a natural selection.

In addition to changing the flash chart provider, I am modifying a few of the charts on the main page - I will make an inclusion for 'top 5 pending carriers' which is a chart showing the top 5 carriers that have pending messages on your devices.

Also, I will include top 5 pending users...

If you have any ideas of other useful charts. Let me know!

At some point, I will be including charts into some of the queries on the custom reporting page.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

.58 released

.58Addition/ChangeAdded new role "showsqlqueries". When enabled, the SQL query will report at the bottom of the sql.asp page.2008-09-11
.58Addition/ChangePie chart on main page showing users-to-server count.2008-09-11
.58Addition/ChangeNew bar chart on main page will show top 5 users by sent messages.2008-09-11
.58FixFixed self-service page so that if a user does not have a BlackBerry, 'Add my BlackBerry' drop-down menu item will appear correctly - (this only occured if a user did not fall into any other role)2008-09-12
.58Addition/ChangeAdded 'disable/enable' self-service option.2008-09-15
.58Addition/ChangeAdded a session.timeout value of 60 minutes within global.asp - will make this user-customizable later.2008-09-15
.58FixRemoved sortable.js references from lite.asp2008-09-18
.58Addition/ChangeAdded image for 9000 series phone (Bold)2008-09-18
.58Addition/ChangeAdded option to delete reports from sql.asp page for admins only.2008-09-19
.58FixModified ad search lookup so it will search for *criteria* (with wildcards), making it easier to search for first and last names.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

.57 released

New additions include:

57Addition/ChangeNow administrator role can tweak the add user page, hiding/showing BESServer and ITPolicy drop downs from self service users who have the 'add user' function applied to them. Also, Admins can preselect what default server and IT policy will be applied to self-service users.2008-08-28
.57FixFixed some issues with 'My BlackBerry' page, where it would automatically redirect to index.asp.2008-08-28
.57Addition/ChangeAdded a new function to sql.asp page which allows you to run a query from an inputbox on the page.2008-08-28
.57Addition/ChangeAdded checkbox on sql.asp which will allow you to select if you wish to output sql results to a single table or to multiple 'pages' within a table.2008-08-28
.57Addition/ChangeAdded 'enable redirection' and 'disable redirection' to user details and roles page2008-09-02
.57Addition/ChangeAdded export function to sql.asp custom reporting page2008-09-02
.57FixDid some work with roles, i.e. checking them in global.asp, so they are available in all pages. Fixed how some pages were improperly redirecting2008-09-02
.57Addition/ChangeMade separate views for 4.0.x vs. 4.1.x2008-09-02
.57Addition/ChangeAdded 'message stats for all users' report.2008-09-02
.57FixModified besuseradminclient.asp page so that the page expires immediately (so if you hit the 'back' button after submitting a useradminclient command, you will be prompted to cancel submission of the form data).2008-09-02

Download via the link at the right!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

.55 out now, new feature: Selectively enable/disable BESUserAdminClient functions for BerryStats roles...

.55 is out, and the big addition is the new ability to select/deselect BESUserAdminClient functions for your roles.

This means if you only want to grant your helpdesk the ability to reset device passwords and Activation passwords (for example), then you can do so.  You can be as granular as you wish, making it easy to keep people from doing the wrong things in BerryStats!

What you don't see yet but is on my test bed is 'Self Service' additional role that allows your users to log in with their AD credentials and perform approved useradminclient functions on their own device (screenshots coming)!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New reports in version .54!

You can now create your own custom reports and make them available in BerryStats, version .54.

I will be working to make it possible to lock these down to unauthorized users, but if you don't have to worry about that, then give .54 a try!

Friday, August 15, 2008

New query page coming soon...

Right now, the queries are pretty limited (only a few to select from), but I am working out a new way of doing this - my intent is to have XML-based reports definitions that allow you to save and run any type of query that you like.

Not only that, but you should be able to trade queries with other users and completely customize your reports within BerryStats.

The page will have a way to define your own SQL query, and also grant you the ability to save and name a query that works for you. Also, I will add a feature to email the results to a SMTP recipient.

Should prove to be fun at the very least...