Friday, July 25, 2008

Updated admin window

Note the ability to create a customized activation email. Also, you can see the TinyMCE (like FCKEditor) editor which allows some basic formatting. This comes through in the HTML based email.

Other notes:
  • XML save feature has been changed drastically
  • Haven't started on LDAP authentication yet
  • Trying to add some more error checking and logging
Next up:

I will probably separate out Brent Grim's reporting to a new window rather than try to do everything within the confines of the new windowed-look of Berrystats. There will be a similar search interface, but you won't have 20 columns to contend with when looking at the summary of users that are returned via the search. The search feature will be more focused on returning a user that you will manipulate (and as such, see all of their relevant data anyway) rather than using a full-fledged report just to get at an account.


I think I will start working on a rudimentary reporting interface in general, which would allow you to bring in saved report criteria in the form of XML files.

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