Wednesday, September 24, 2008

.58 released

.58Addition/ChangeAdded new role "showsqlqueries". When enabled, the SQL query will report at the bottom of the sql.asp page.2008-09-11
.58Addition/ChangePie chart on main page showing users-to-server count.2008-09-11
.58Addition/ChangeNew bar chart on main page will show top 5 users by sent messages.2008-09-11
.58FixFixed self-service page so that if a user does not have a BlackBerry, 'Add my BlackBerry' drop-down menu item will appear correctly - (this only occured if a user did not fall into any other role)2008-09-12
.58Addition/ChangeAdded 'disable/enable' self-service option.2008-09-15
.58Addition/ChangeAdded a session.timeout value of 60 minutes within global.asp - will make this user-customizable later.2008-09-15
.58FixRemoved sortable.js references from lite.asp2008-09-18
.58Addition/ChangeAdded image for 9000 series phone (Bold)2008-09-18
.58Addition/ChangeAdded option to delete reports from sql.asp page for admins only.2008-09-19
.58FixModified ad search lookup so it will search for *criteria* (with wildcards), making it easier to search for first and last names.

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