Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BerryStats 0.5beta ready to go!

Check the link at the right for the download.

The list of updates/changes:

• LDAP authentication for admin/helpdesk users. Also, there is a localized ‘root’ access account for admin purposes.
• Added ‘log out’ functionality
• Added debug option to admin page so you can see what variables are being passed as you work in BerryStats.
• Added original BerryStats report back into page as link under ‘Reports’. This will be enhanced a little so that export to XLS or PDF will be an option.
• Reworked add user page so it can be used via BB Browser.
• Changed some formatting of the lite.asp page so that it is a bit more legible.
• Added phone number format function so phone numbers look like…well, actual phone numbers (xxx) xxx-xxxx
• Changed BB model images to JPG instead of GIF
• Added new BesUserAdminClient functions: send PIN, send Email, view handheld apps, view handheld modules, assign user to group, assign IT policy to user, resend servicebook, resend peer-to-peer key.

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